Sunpower Technologies Services

We are committed to deliver strategic and innovative

solutions to add business value to our customers.

Sunpower Technologies Services is a Singapore-based technology company. We provide IT solutions by developing software platform for business operation to local and overseas small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

We are committed to deliver strategic and innovative solutions to add business value to our customers. Our distinction from the others is our ability to provide scalable, quality, and cost effective solutions. We deliver a suite of integrated web based solutions and also develop customized Internet applications based on pre-defined work-order from our clients. Sunpower Technologies Services is committed to transform your business via web application for higher productivity and gain competitive advantages in speed, cost, and adaptability.

We provide quality technical services for all kinds of organizations. Even though we are primarily a software development house, we also offer expertise in areas such as QA, web analytics, systems security and networking. Our main expertise is in high frequency, high volume secure transactions across the web and a range of proprietary POPs and CDNs. Besides infrastructure solutions, our software is essentially cross-platform: HTML5, CSS, jQuery and Java and our methodology.



Our software teams adopt Agile for Software Development. We see software development to be a collaborative process between developers and the end users. This includes capturing the strategic intents of the company, understanding the business requirement, and implementing the operational processes.

Agile also requires discipline in setting targets that are deliverable in short duration. This enables active communication and follow-up of testing outcomes in a collaborative environment. All these contribute toward achieving a functional and operational system development meeting delivery timing and performance requirements.



Sunpower embraces open source technology for IT Development. We believe open source makes business sense. It is free. It has high quality because it is tested by large population of open source community users.

We use Spring Framework for web application development with enterprise Java. Developers use Spring to create system with high performance and ease for testing. The reusable codes provide reliable and maintainable system.



Sunpower is a pool of experts and professionals who can help you reach the maximum potential of your business.

We bring together system architects and analysts who do not only possess substantial skills and sufficient years of experience in the IT industry but also with open and positive attitude towards our clients.

We believe that the lifeblood of this industry lies on the uninterrupted stream of communication between us and our clients. Hence, we make sure that they are guided in every phase of a project to ensure success and growth of the business.

Moreover, our team members are independent learners. They enjoy applying and sharing new technology; they have a passion in helping community for a better living in their home country. Together, we seek opportunities to help the local community in the region to leverage on the IT capability to build business and gain wealth.